Ariella J Asher


My artistic approach is diverse and includes; painting, drawing, photography, digital art, and installation art. Despite a range in mediums, there is a connecting thread within my work. I often expose ideals of ‘modern progress’, and reference cultural and Art Historical themes. My interest in Post-Colonial theory, primarily stems from my family’s history as refugees relocating from Baghdad, Iraq to Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine.


I literally and figuratively wipe, erase, and layer media to comment on the exchange between people and time, location and culture. I sometimes explore an isolationist dialogue within Western art movements, which mirrors an individualistic, materialistic American style. Creating optical illusions and ‘tricks’ is another important methodology within my work. For example, I manipulate, blend/obliterate imagery to comment on collective control, social unification or political deception.


Currently, I am working on a series of larger-than-life ‘Photomosaics’ in which small images are assembled to create one giant picture. During a recent trip to Morocco, I was reminded that the different colors and patterns within mosaic tiles could represent multiculturalism, as well as other mathematic and spiritual concepts.


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Instagram: @artyella

Facebook: @ariellajasher

Magic Circus
digital collage (2018)
detail: Magic Circus
digital collage (2018)
New Eden Dream
digital collage (2018)
detail: New Eden Dream
digital collage (2018)
Almighty Dollar
digital collage (2017)
Cradle to Grave
digital collage (2018)
Favor Our Undertakings
digital collage (2017)
Hearts A'flame
digital collage (2018)
detail: Hearts A'flame
digital collage (2018)
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