Hart Krypilo

“You mean the movie lied?”
- Return of the Living Dead
The Artist

Hart Krypilo has been an artist working in the Denver area for the past 20+ years; as an underground artist doing pop up shows for the first 10 years, before creating a bespoke clothing design house which ran until 2012. Hart then returned to college to get a bachelor's degree of fine art with an emphasis in metalsmithing/jewelry design from Metropolitan State University in Denver. 

As a result, Hart’s work is varied in technique, media, and subject matter; ranging from wearable textiles, to jewelry, to more conventional two-dimensional works using metalsmithing techniques. As a mental health advocate, and identifying as non-binary, these themes are presented in the artworks created. Hart explores concepts of memory, gender, and what it means to be deemed “sick” in today’s turbulent society. 

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Is It Sexy
Take Your Medicine
Meditation Mask
Take Your Medicine Part 2
Things We Forget Soon Become Precious
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