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Jen focused seriously on ballet and modern dance throughout her childhood and adult life. She has a BA in Performance Art from the University of MD, and danced professionally for many years. She dabbled in visual art from a young age, but has very little formal training. In May 2015 she took an art class that awoke her creative nature, and propelled her into the world of two dimensional art. No stranger to discipline, she has dedicated herself to learning from Denver’s most accomplished artists, a demanding studio practice, and managing her business, “Jen Starling Art”. In addition, Jen has an elementary teaching license, and has taught youth and adults in numerous settings for the last twenty years. She currently teaches youth art classes at the Art Student League in Denver CO.  


" My work reflects a continued integration of classical and contemporary aesthetics. It makes a personal statement that reflects broader truths that are most relevant to women and others who have been marginalized. My hope is that after experiencing my work, viewers will feel an emotional impact. I believe they will feel a mixture of sadness, and hope, that makes those who have been oppressed feel seen and heard, and inspires viewers to reflect on their personal experiences in order to understand the experiences of those who are different from themselves. But most importantly, I want viewers to be moved toward action. Action expressed as internal growth, political activism, creativity, increased awareness, etc. Any ripple created by my work that promotes positivity is seen as a success."-Jen  


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