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Leo Franco

“I give my mind free rein to follow any idea, and my eye orchestrates
the construction of the piece”
The Artist

Leo Franco is a Denver-based, non-objective sculptor, who has been active in the Denver Alternative Arts scene for the past 30 years.    Leo’s passion is wood – its texture, colors and grain.  He works in sustainable, exotic hardwoods constructing his sculptures by hand.  He challenges himself to create something unique each time he constructs a new piece of art.  Being a non-objective artist, many of his ideas come purely from his imagination.  He creates forms by bringing together scattered elements into cohesive patterns of order and beauty.  His inspirations range from classical and jazz music, to Japanese aesthetics and Greek philosophy.  Leo exhibits in many venues in Colorado,  including the Loveland Sculpture Show, the Loveland Art Museum, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center,  and the Governor’s Art Show.  Leo is also a member of SNW Gallery, Manhattan, KS; and Holder Dane Gallery, Grapevine, TX.


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