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Abby Gregg

The  Artist
Abby Gregg is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Denver, Colorado. She recently completed an MFA in Studio Art from the San Francisco Art Institute, and holds a BFA in Painting and Art Education from the University of Georgia. Through intuitive processes of painting, ceramics, and sound, she invents narratives of diverse ecosystems coping within sublime complexity. The improvisational practice of transforming material into landscape creates spaces that appear prehistoric and futuristic simultaneously. These imagined worlds explore the tension between aquatic, cavernous, or microscopic realms and cumulative ecological mistreatment. Abby thinks of her art-works as vessels for the urgent voice of something wild, unknowable, and transforming. She currently works in the Clay studio at the Children’s Museum of Denver, and makes work at her home studio in Lakewood.
Contact Info:

Instagram @abbygregg

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