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Mark Friday

The Artist:
  I feel that it is a privilege to be able to immerse myself in the creative process, the end results being images and objects whose sole purpose is to create wonder, stimulate the mind, and dazzle the eye.  In many places and times, this creative endeavor is valued less and is far less feasible.  It’s my duty to put things out there that oppose the mundane.  
    I have found that when making art, the two most difficult aspects are,  getting started and then knowing  when to stop.  The middle part is easy.  
    Also, I have come to realize that if art making is not a joyful experience, I am not doing it right.  
    I attribute my life long involvement in art to my father who was a constant dabbler.  I did study art at the University of Northern Colorado and later received an art degree from Metropolitan State College.  
    I have been exhibiting my work since the mid 1970’s, mostly in Colorado, at first it was printmaking, but now I have migrated to mixed media assemblage sculpture.  
    I was a member of Zip37 Gallery, from its inception in 1995 to 2011.  Now, I am affiliated with the Mix co-op at the Niza Knoll gallery in Denver. 
     I am a faculty member of the Art Students League, instructing students in Screen Printing, Assemblage Sculpture, and Three Dimensional Collage.

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