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What are we looking for? 



Pirate: Contemporary Art is a member run Co-operative art space.

Pirate has been showing contemporary, cutting edge art for over 40 years. Membership is offered on two levels: Associate and Full Member.  All applicants must first join Pirate at the Associate level, which entitles the artist a solo show in the Associate space and participation in the members show. Submissions for membership are reviewed on the last Tuesday of each month, providing there are openings available. If there are no openings, submissions will be held on file for future review.  Full members are pulled from the associates when a slot opens up.

If selected, every member is required to pay monthly dues and they are responsible for all aspects of their show including hanging, promotion, etc.  They are also asked to help out with other events held at Pirate. 

Artist interested in applying for membership should submit the following:

1. Digital Images - min 5 / max 10 - Format images as JPEG's only. No psd, tiff, etc. and no pdf's as we project each image. 

Max image size is 1.5mb
2. Image descriptions with title, media and size, on a separate sheet of paper, numbered to coordinate with numbers on slides.
3. Resume / CV
4. Cover letter expressing your interest and intentions if selected for membership.
5. email your images and info to - BUG: 

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