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“The erotic is a measure between the beginning of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings.” - Audre Lorde

The Artist

Stephanie Spindler is an international artist recently relocated back to Colorado after living sixteen years abroad in the United Kingdom. She recently completed her practice-based Ph.D. at Chelsea College of Art, in London, UK. The unique research involved an interdisciplinary approach to investigating how sexual difference is integral to modes of representation, experience and materiality. Her research uses feminist phenomenology, new materialism and the process of making in a dynamic method for investigating how the quality of belonging is part of individual experiences, intrinsic and inherent, to how we perceive ourselves and how we participate in the world.  


Spindler’s current work embodies uncertainty and intimacy; exploring desire, fear and hope. The work investigates subjectivity through expression, movement, and material and ethereal processes of doing/undoing, touching/touched and moving/being moved with the artwork and the performative process of making as a line of questioning.

Contact Info:

Stephanie Spindler

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