Tiffany Matheson

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Tiffany Matheson is an emerging Denver native artist who specializes in sculpture, installation and performance art, with experience in public art, mold making, metal casting, woodworking, welding, textiles and sewing, acrylic manipulation, environmental art, site specific art, social practice, activism, music, written word, tactile and interactive art. She is currently incorporating various new media materials into her artwork, including light, sound, solar power, sensors, motors, circuit boards and coding.

After working for several years in the fast-paced world of international business in the greater Manhattan area, Tiffany decided it was time for a change. While on the east coast she completed three years of training at the Center for Herbal Studies to become a Clinical Herbalist. She was captivated by the scientific approach of the program, which inspired her to return to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor. While completing a degree in Biology at CU Denver, Tiffany took a sculpture course, was immediately enchanted, and began to take as many sculpting classes as possible. In December 2015, she graduated with a Bachelors in Biology with Studies in Sculpture. Tiffany still retains her love of science while actively pursuing the arts.

(wall) FLOWERS
Synthetic Nature
Eva's Irises
Prism Drops
Prickly Pear in Bloom
Sentene: Sentience
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