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Tricia Vitrano

“Everything in this world is a matter of calculation. Advance with caution, the balance in your hand. Put into one scale the pleasures which any object offers; but put fairly into the other
the pains which are to follow.”
- Thomas Jefferson.
The Artist

A Matter of Calculation - This recent collection of works marks both the progression and deconstruction of a character named NancySin. Her inspiration comes from primitive art, ancient cave art and a childhood drawing by my daughter. She appears simple in form but holds the many complexities of the day and times in her oversized head. NancySin is often accompanied by twin figures who help inform her. Spiritual polarities. The Saint. The Sinner. And all that’s in-between. It’s the uncertainty and tension of making decisions that create the inspiration to deconstruct NancySin and morph her and her companions into existing and imagined worlds. Decisions that must be calculated. The calculation that exists in the space between heart and head, left and right, dark and light, love and hate, us and them, me and you. Never a what. Maybe a how. An unkempt, uncomfortable, often chaotic and necessary space that in a crisis one can escape by, boat, ladder or rocket.

Tricia Vitrano grew up in a small border town nestled among the green rolling hills of Ireland. Her early travels first brought her to London, then across the ocean to California where she began an internship at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. A writer from Louisiana stole her heart and she landed in New Orleans where she began her studies in painting, sculpture and set design. She holds a BA in Painting and an MFA in Theatre & Film Set Design from the University of New Orleans. She moved to Colorado six years ago and currently paints and resides with her Louisiana husband in the mountains outside Boulder.

Contact Info:


Instagram: triciavitranoart

Phone: 504-914-2888

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