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Your Show

You are responsible to provide any special instructions on your artwork. ex. digital media, mechanical parts, interactive prices, if a piece needs to be watched, etc.



       Be sure when inserting the lights back into the track that the two pin side of the light fixture is being turned into the two copper strip side of the

       track.  Forcing lights into the track can bend the pins and stretch the track so that there is no connection.  If it does not turn easily in one direction try         from another (clockwise or counterclockwise).


  • Mops and brooms

  • Pedestals

  • Lightbulbs – LED Daylight (15 Watts).

  • Ladders

  • Some tools and hardware (best to bring your own though as Pirate has limited tools)

  • Paint and patching


  • Clean bathroom and make sure there is a supply of toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels for guests

  • Sweep and mop after you have completed installing


  • Make sure you open for the times that match your invitations

  • Put out the Pirate Open sign and the 40W arts walk sign

  • Provide Food and Beverages; these are your expense. Liaise with your fellow artist

  •  Have Donations Suitcase out and the donation jar (Phil collects nightly)

  • Make sure the Guest Book is out so that visitors can add their email address



Full Members two weeks: Friday – Sunday.  Associate Members one week: Friday - Sunday

This can be worked out between the artists

  • Keep the bathroom clean and stocks replenished

  • Put both Open Signs out

  • Turn ON digital or mechanical art pieces OR other special case art needs

  • Check the mail; open anything important and pass it on or trash it if it is junk mail

  • Keep front and back clear of trash and items that create a tripping hazard

  • Keep the space between the two galleries organized and clean (we have ants)

  • Remove any old invites laying around (includes storage room)

  • Remove the trash and recycle when bins are full

Closing for the day:

  • Take in both Open Signs

  • Turn OFF digital or mechanical art pieces OR other special case art needs

  • Sweep or mop if necessary

  • Close and lock ALL doors behind you


  • Should be done within 48hrs of show close OR worked out with following artist

  • Clean bathroom and make sure there is a supply of toilet paper, liquid soap, paper towels (see “Bathroom”)

  • Sweep and mop after UN-INSTALL

  • Patch and paint wall holes (see “Walls”)

  • Return pedestals and other items used to storage room

  • Keep storeroom organized and clean

  • Return any gallery modifications back to 100% original state

  • Take trash and recycle with you and replace bin liners




     Be respectful of our neighbors businesses and their parking needs on either side of Pirates main front door. Be respectful of the CrossFit business to the

     north and DO NOT park in their gravel lot. It is suggested that for larger events, such as the DOD, and open shows, to place signs out that say ‘DO

     NOT PARK ACROSS THE STREET’.  There are no set rules.  Pirates can park in front of our Pirate garage door.


     Pirate does not have a trash service.  Do not dump in private dumpsters on the premises that other business owners are paying for.  We LOVE our

     neighbors. Please take any trash and recyclables home for disposal. Keep trash bags stocked.


     There are buckets with sand at the front and back for these.  A cat litter scoop is in the the storage room for cleaning these out.


     Please keep this area clean. Wash any dirty bowls and dishes and put away. This is especially important after your show.


     Please keep the bathroom clean while your show is running.  Make sure there is toilet paper, soft soap and paper towels ready for guests.  If you

     purchase any products please keep receipts and submit to Lisa for reimbursement.


     This area is for pedestals, ladders, tables, paint, tools and chairs, and a place for members during their show to store stuff.  This is NOT a storage

     area for your artwork for after your show.


     Normal wear and tear is expected but we want to keep the walls as clean and well maintained as possible. Be sure to spackle and paint all holes

     after a show. Use a primer first to cover up tougher stains and scuffs, and then the flat white wall paint in the storage room.

     Once spackle is dry sand with 150/220 sand paper to smooth and get rid of access. Use a small roller for larger areas and a brush for small.

     If have any questions about how to patch and clean up a wall contact Charles or Eric.


     Bring in both open signs. Turn off all lights. Lock front and back doors and check garage roller door is locked. The Pirate neon sign is on 24-7.


     The Thermostat is programable and is set to come on an hour before our gallery hours.

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